Winter Break!

Christmas is my favorite time if the year!!!! With everyone singing and dancing and the joy and gratitude. It’s just so amazing!!!

I had a fantastic winter break and Christmas with my family! I got so many presents and had a great time!!!! I loved spending time with my grampa and Grammy and my pawpaw, gramma and aunts and uncles. I am so excited for next Christmas but I’m going to enjoy the New Years this year and endure the year ahead of me. Hear are some pics of the presents I got and Christmas family time!:)

Hear is a picture of my gorgeous collector Barbie doll from the Barbie movie “Princess and the Pauper”.

This is my new Build-a-Bear from my gramma.


This is some clothing I got from my mom and gramma. Here are a couple more.

These things are only a couple of things that I got and I am very grateful! If you liked my blog, please comment. Thank you for reading my blog! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!


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