Awesome Photo Shoot

I gotta tell you the truth. I wasn’t sure when my aunt started putting a scarf on my head but I really liked the way these pics turned out. Check this one of me and my sis out. It’s so cute!!XD



My First Vacation this Summer!!

My first weekend of summer was so great!!! I went to San Antonio with my family and we went to Six Flags, Fiesta Texas. It was so much fun!! We also went to Austin, Texas to a wedding for a friend of my dad’s. We had a blast on the way there, at Six Flags, at the wedding, and just hanging out at the hotel. Here’s me and Addie in this car. We had to entertain ourselves somehow!!:)

Addie drew a smiley face on her leg. I just had to show you this!!

Here’s me and Addie at the wedding rehearsal dinner. We made so many new friends and had a great time!!

I had so much fun with my family at one of my favorite amusement parks, SIX FLAGS!!!
We had a great time and this was just the FIRST WEEKEND!! There is so much more to come!! I hope you have a great summer, everyone! I know I will!! See you later!!


Just Because

I just want to thank everybody who comments and reads my blogs. Because I never even thought that I would this into it and that I would have such great followers. The main reason I created this blog is because I want to show Jesus right through me. Even though I am only a little 11 year old girl, I feel like I can make a huge difference in the world!! So thank you for your support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love y’all!!! 😉




Excited for Summer?

Hey!! I’m so excited for summer!!!:) Our family is going to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio on June 5th. Then we are going to Pebble Beach. After that, we are going to DISNEY LAND!!!!! I will defiantly post pictures and write blogs about my exciting summer. School is almost out and I am so excited to have a great time with my friends and family!! So if you’re excited for summer just yell out “Summer!!!” ;)Come on!! Let me here you scream!! I hope you have a great summer everybody!:D


Winter Break!

Christmas is my favorite time if the year!!!! With everyone singing and dancing and the joy and gratitude. It’s just so amazing!!!

I had a fantastic winter break and Christmas with my family! I got so many presents and had a great time!!!! I loved spending time with my grampa and Grammy and my pawpaw, gramma and aunts and uncles. I am so excited for next Christmas but I’m going to enjoy the New Years this year and endure the year ahead of me. Hear are some pics of the presents I got and Christmas family time!:)

Hear is a picture of my gorgeous collector Barbie doll from the Barbie movie “Princess and the Pauper”.

This is my new Build-a-Bear from my gramma.


This is some clothing I got from my mom and gramma. Here are a couple more.

These things are only a couple of things that I got and I am very grateful! If you liked my blog, please comment. Thank you for reading my blog! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!