Vacation Time!!!!

On the tenth of July, my family and I went on a vacation. It was crazy fun!
First, we drove to Oklahoma. It took about three and a half hours, but it was worth it!:)

I had never been to this restaurant before!
On a extremely hot day, we all went to a science museum. It was so fun!!!!! There was a lot of things to look at and learn!

We also went to a free ” Blowing stuff up” show. I wish I would have brought my iPod to take pictures.

On Saturday, we started traveling to Branson in Missouri. We didn’t get there until about 1:30! So while we were driving, Addie and I had to entertain ourselves somehow. This is how we did it.




In Branson, we got to see Clay Cooper. It was so much fun. One night we went to drive go karts. They were so much fun! I drove my own kart on the Heavy Mettle big track! I was a little scared, but it turned out to be a really sweet ride.
We went to the Haygoods show. This show was my favorite show in Branson!
There was an exciting water slide that Addie and I loved. It was our favorite thing out of all the things in Branson. My dad used ride it when he was a kid!!!!!!!
I had a lot of fun on vacation and I loved hanging out with my fabulous family.









Botanical Gardens


On Saturday, my family and I went to the Botanical Gardens. I saw beautiful gardens and plants. We had so much fun!!!!!! I loved to be outside and I loved to get time to spend with my family. I took lots of pictures!!

I think the bad thing about going is though, I think I got poison ivy!!!!!!!!!! It really stinks!!!!:( But at least I had the best time!!!! Here’s some cool pictures!!



Spring Break!!!!!!;)

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I was so caught up with spring break! Plus, I didn’t have Wi-Fi where I was at!;)!
I was in Carlsbad, New Mexico! I was there to see my aunts. I also got to see my Grammy and Grampa in Midland. And grampa made us do some extra work! My Aunt Hannah and Big Mike took us to go bowling! I had so much fun! I also took pictures because my Aunt Megan is a photographer! We took pictures for my big, double digits, Christian, birthday party! And we took other pictures just for fun!
That was my fabulous spring break! If you want to tell me about your spring break, comment my blog and I’ll know all about it!



We are learning about peace at church and I think it digs in deeper than just don’t fight. It is so much more than that. God wants us to be friends and he wants to know that we care more about a friend than winning an argument! That is what we are learning about! Showing you care more about a friend than winning an argument! We all need peace. And we don’t always need peace with friends.
Sometimes the hardest things to have peace with is yourself! Sometimes, with all the things you could blame, you blame yourself!
Or, least but most important, you have to keep peace with God! Follow him with no excuse! But sometimes you don’t and God hates that!
Remember, friends are more important than winning an argument!





God makes us all talented. We all have talents! I wrote this poem and it shows that God gave me a talent of writing and many more things!
“I am a star as you can see.
You can not find another me!
I grip the mic really tight,
I rock it out with all my might!

I shine and glow like a star!
You may hear me wherever you are!

I sing and dance when I get a chance.
I sing any song, from Christian to romance!

I am a star as you can see!
” Wake up!” My teacher yelled at me,
” Wake up!” As she began to lean.
Another day of day dreaming it seems!!!!!”
God gave us all talents! Hope you enjoyed my poem!